Bomper is an independent creative production studio, creating work filled with character and originality.

Our work for advertising, branding and broadcast, spans live action VFX, hand-crafted animation to hyperreal CG, and everything in between.

The team is made up of talented in-house artists, illustrators, animators, art directors and producers. Our credo is to constantly embrace our natural-curiosity and challenge our ambitions, by playing with mediums and formats, in crafting our best work. And of course, having a lot of fun along the way.

It’s this energy and dedication that makes Bomper stand out.

Bomper operates a 4 day work week initiative; with the studio being closed on Fridays.

Bomper has decided to implement a 6 month trial of a 4 day working week, at non-compressed hours and for the same pay.

Bomper is committed to enabling the best in everyone, and really recognises the importance of work-life balance. In the last few years, we’ve introduced flexible working hours, remote-working, and hybrid-working. With the success of those additions, a 4 day work week trial just felt natural.



Creative direction
Concept art
Character design

2D Production

2D animation
Motion graphics

3D Production

Key visuals
Motion design
3D scan photogrammetry


Live action + VFX
High-end retouching
Colour management
Artwork ready files


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