BD Oncology Kit

Arming the Cancer Fighters

Bomper was approached by Create Health to create a conceptual visual that showed how BD works to arm cancer fighters.

 Looking at the individual parts BD supply, we were inspired to create something thought-provoking and reminiscent of Airfix style assembly kits; showing how all the pieces come together to deliver life-saving oncology treatment solutions.

We brought this vision to life by creating 3D models of medical equipment with a chrome finish for a clean, precision and engineered look; giving a strong, confident visual that heralds medical confidence.


Agency: Create Health 
Client: BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 
Production: Bomper Studio


Initial reference when exploring the visual concept.
Illustration of what the final product might look like, and assessing how the 3D modelled pieces will fit together.

Modelling and Texturing

The model kits associated with Airfix are generally bold and colourful. However, as the pieces that make up BD’s Oncology treatment solutions are all medical equipment, we decided a better approach for this would be to go for a chrome texture to the assets.

Concept to Final Visual