Bose – QuietComfort Earbuds II

Bomper partnered with Genero and Bose to promote Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II and its unique technology. Our team produced three films to showcase all aspects of their product through high-production and cinematic CG; the first showcasing beauty, the second showcasing product technology through combining CG and live-action, the third showcasing the product’s features.


Bose’s incredible new technology is highly technical but we worked to demonstrate this in a simple yet empowering way, to really pull the audience into how this product can help them feel more, do more, and be more. The sleek and minimalistic look effectively displayed not only the product benefits, but the brand’s mood and style. It was important for Bomper to develop something that was sensory, dynamic and insightful, which was achieved by using hyper realistic visuals that balance reality and imagination.


Client: Bose

Agency: Genero

Production: Bomper Studio

Creative Director: Emlyn Davies

Technical Director: Colin Wood 

Producer: Robyn Viney 

Production Coordination: Molly Stracy

3D Artists: Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans, Allie Holmes

Editing: Zach F Evans

Studio Manager: Ceri Davies


Our first point of call was to retrieve the product CAD files from the client, as well as good reference photography, which was used by the team to capture and reproduce all of the macro details of each component’s materials and finishes. 

Our team then utilised the beauty in the small macro details for the hero film, by having light hitting the various materials and highlighting the products beautifully designed exterior. Our artists played with the scene lighting to add extra visual interest and reveal key areas with subtle textures. Oblique camera angles and rolls were used to keep the animations dynamic for the closeups; whilst utilising similar motion/lighting cues from aspirational products such as jewellery and watches.

The third film had Bomper combining CG with live action filmed and produced by director Shadae Lamar Smith to show how the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II sound is personalised for you in a contemporary and expressive way, and without being highly technical.


Our approach for this was to strike the perfect balance between hyperreal and the imagination by creating a sequence that travels through the product and into a CG world that represents what the individual is experiencing while using the Smalls product. In creating this, we created an initial transition through the product by using a novel and intriguing way of showing the unrivalled engineering in an unexpected way without showing IP.


We then combined this with a simplistic approach of lines with subtle tertiary colours designed to resonate with the Bose brand, which were dynamically animated to help show how the product works to measure your unique ear canal to get the best audio performance, without feeling clinical.