Bomper Studio has partnered with award-winning game publisher Big Fish on a series of comedic shorts for their title EverMerge.


EverMerge is part merge, part world-building sim game, in a magical world that gets bigger and better with each discovery. The game reimagines classic storybook inspired characters with a modern twist; for instance, Rapunzel has become a social media influencer and Cinderella is now an infamous shoe designer. 


Big Fish approached Bomper studio looking for a collaborator to bring this series of modern comedies to life through animation, while also keeping it grounded in its magical fairytale world. The creative team at Big Fish provided all storyboards for the films; while each department at Bomper Studio worked together to execute their vision in full 3D, while adding some flairs and flourishes of our own.


As the concept of the series is influenced by a sense of magical, yet modern realism, Bomper worked to add that in at every step of the film; from the texturing, the environments, scene compositions, lighting and the animation. The result is a collection of sprightly stories, filled to the brim with expressive characters and never-ending, rich worlds to explore


Client: Big Fish

Production: Bomper Studio

Director: Emlyn Davies

Technical Director: Colin Wood 

Producer: Robyn Viney 

Production Coordination: Molly Stracy

Character Artists: Eder Carfagnini, Mark Procter

3D Artists: Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans, Mark Procter, Allie Holmes

FX Artist: Colin Wood 

Lighting: Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans 

Lead 3D Animator: Bianca Iancu 

3D Animators: Alejandro Liñero Castro, Joshua Marfell-Jones, Beáta Ujj, Mark Procter, Bérénice Lefevre 

Rigging: Glauber Belo, Joel Gambleton, Jared Embley

Texture Artists: Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans, Allie Holmes 

Compositing: Zach F Evans

Editing: Zach F Evans

Sound Design: Peter Doggart

Studio Manager: Ceri Davies

Stay tuned in to see some Behind The Scenes development of this Bomper Project…