Foo Fighters ‘No Son of Mine’

Bomper Studio directs an adrenaline-filled, animated music video for legendary rock band, Foo Fighters for the track ‘No Son of Mine’. 
‘No Son of Mine’ finds the band returning to their big-energy arena rock stylings with fiery riffs reminiscent of Heart, Motorhead and Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy.” Grohl said of the track in a statement, “Lyrically it’s meant to poke at the hypocrisy of self righteous leaders, people that are guilty of committing the crimes they’re supposedly against…”
RCA approached Bomper Studio with live action footage of the band, filmed by director Danny Clinch for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with the desire to use this footage as a base to release an epic music video in a tight-turnaround. The initial brief was to cut the live action footage with frames of CGI animation to tell a sketch-book style character story, reminiscent of the fast-paced, first-person perspective in ‘Smack My B*tch Up’ by Prodigy.
Taking cues from the song’s lyrics and theme, the music video follows a character through a night of wild debauchery and violence – from strip clubs to bar fights to high speed driving – before a full punchline reveal of the character’s true identity.
The film uses stark black and white visuals, punctuated with green and is filled with quick cuts, chaotic action and disorientating close-ups to deliver knockout punches. Nothing is overly smooth or slick, but the high contrast, explosive music video for ‘No Son of Mine’ works to serve up a shot of pure adrenaline straight to the heart.


Client: RCA Records 
Animation Director: Emlyn Davies
Animation Co-Director: Josh Hicks 
Live Action Director: Danny Clinch 
Producer: Nicholas Robespierre 
Producer: Kristen Welsh 
Producer: Robyn Viney 
Technical Director: Colin Wood 
Art Director: Rhodri Teifi 
Production Coordination: Molly Stracy 
Lead Character Artist: Domnic Pugh 
3D Artists: Emlyn Davies, Colin Wood, Dominic Pugh, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans, Josh Hicks 
FX Artist: Colin Wood
Lighting: Emlyn Davies, Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi 
Lead 3D Animator: Alan Towndrow 
3D Animators: Alex Watson, Mervenur Ulcan, Joanna Adamska 
Rigging: Alan Towndrow, Gene Magtoto 
Illustrator/Character Texture Artist: Thomas Shahan 
Texture Artists: Colin Wood, Rhodri Teifi 
Storyboards: Josh Hicks 
Compositing: Josh Hicks, Rhodri Teifi, Zach F Evans 
Editing: Jack Hopkins 
Studio Manager: Ceri Davies