Furniture Village

Bomper collaborates with Black Lab Films to create Furniture Village’s ‘Christmas is All Wrapped Up’ campaign; with a cosy spot on the ITV and Sky networks, seamlessly nestling between your favourite programs.


Crafting idents of varying lengths (15”, 10”, 5”), Bomper Studio was brought in to work alongside Black Lab Films to capture Christmas moments. While Black Lab Films produced the live-action footage, Bomper Studio meticulously recreated the festive wrapping paper in CG, ensuring realism that matched the footage in the furniture contours, lighting, and camera movements.


The concept allowed for storytelling to unfold between programming breaks, showcasing the stages of unwrapping furniture gifts. Some idents feature a charming CG bow, adding an extra layer of luxuriousness.


Bomper Studio has been collaborating with the talented folks at Black Lab films since 2020 on the campaign. The end result is a seamless blend of live-action and CG, where the magic of Christmas is beautifully wrapped up in every frame.


Client: Furniture Village

Agency: Black Lab Films

CG Production: Bomper Studio

Executive Creative Director: Emlyn Davies

3D Artists & Post Production: Mark Procter, Rhodri Teifi, Emlyn Davies

Producer: Robyn Viney

Production Coordinator: Molly Stracy