Animation and live action come together in these colourful and fruity films for Tropicana.

For this spot, Troublemakers approach Bomper Studio to create mouth-watering, full CG fruit and vegetables models. Using our in-studio photogrammetry set, we sourced and 3D scanned the ingredients, enhanced the shapes and used lighting and texturing to compose perfectly palatable fruit.

The assorted ingredients were then animated to into a kinetic fruit installation, with the motions and interactions accentuating the drinks individual characteristics. For ‘Vitality’, this meant mimicking the dilation of the eye, with momentum building to give a sense of alertness. For ‘Berry Boost’, we see a protective formation – with spikes like a porcupine – representing the juices defensive barrier.

The final films perfectly represent cause and effect of the juices vitality and power.



Agency: CLM – BBDO
CGI Production: Bomper Studio
Director: Douglas Bowden & Roman Valent
Creative Director : Audrey Tamic, Emlyn Davies
Art Director: Josh Hicks
TV Producer: Morgane Bohn
3D Artists: Colin Wood, Tara Mardell, Julia Britton